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It is no doubt that the transportation industry is one of the largest employers particularly in the American economic ecosystem. In fact, it is estimated that in the US today, there are a total of about 3 million truck drivers alone. 3 million might seem like a small number as compared to the total US population of 280 million but if you consider that it’s a number greater than the whole population of Singapore, everything will then fall into place.

There are a lot of vehicles operated by these drivers each and every day and it cannot be denied that most of these vehicles carry really valuable goods for transportation to various target destinations. As such, this makes safety one of the greatest concerns for a lot of business leaders particularly those who are in the transportation industry. For goods vehicles, administrators need to feel at ease knowing that the goods that are being transported are first and foremost safe but most importantly, they should also know that the driver who is responsible for transporting these goods is reliable and trustworthy enough to ensure that the goods will get where they should get on schedule thus avoiding penalties due to late recoveries.


The CorpTrace Solutions

  • Protect your company by avoiding negative publicity.
  • Reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people from the start.
  • Reduce liability and negligent hiring by ensuring a safe workplace.
  • Keep customers valuable information safe, private, and secure.
  • Increase productivity through hiring employees with better work habits.

Affordable Pricing

CorpTrace provides some of the most affordable screening and verification pricing around. You pay based on usage, the rate per transaction is reduced as you use our database more frequently.

All In One Place

From loan origination, to risk assessment, background screening, collection, recovery. Provides a simplistic and regulatory compliant solution all through a single login.

Superb Accuracy

CorpTrace has the best in class data with over 200 identifiers and state of the art algorithm, to collectively cross reference and provide the most accurate, extensive and timely data available in the industry.

Recommended Screening Services

  • DMV Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Sex Offenders Check
  • Watch List Report
  • County Criminal Check
  • State Criminal Check
  • National Criminal Check
  • Federal Criminal Check
  • International Criminal Check
  • Education Check
  • Employment Check

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