EXPECT total security with SSL secured high-end web farms.   RELAX with stringent testing and routine inspections performed by TruSecure.  PREVENT misuse with additional security measures.

Secure Sockets Layer encryption is the standard in secure communication over the internet. Combined with 128 bit encryption and SSL3, sensitive information can be transmitted in a ultra secure fashion.
All security controls, procedures and policies examined, measured, and validated by TruSecure® Corporation, the worldwide leader in security assurance The TruSecure seal demonstrates proven security practices and a rigorous security policy.

Account access can be monitored real-time with Security Alerts. Unauthorized access from unknown IP addresses, failed password attempts and invalid time restrictions are just some of the items reported.
Yes, you can restrict access to a specific computer with an IP address. IP address ranges can also be employed to limit access to a group of computers.
Yes, access can be determined by hours and days of the week. Time restrictions can apply to a single user or group of users.
Setting up multiple users is not only supported but also encouraged. With multiple users, access can be tracked and audited.
Yes, with access codes, reports can be blocked or granted for users or groups.
Yes, flagging permissions in setup can prevent or allow desired actions.
Yes, passwords will expire after a configurable number of days.
Yes, within Administrator options you can specify users to be locked out after a certain number of failed attempts. Users will become disabled until the administrator or supervisor reenables the user.
Using innovative application filtering, reports can be monitored real-time for specific users, groups, dates, or report types.
All credit related data is shielded on additional data specific servers not accessible via the internet. This means critical data is not exposed on the internet.
All unsuccessful login attempts are logged and monitored.
Facilities monitored 24/7 with closed circuit systems. All building access activity logged and secured. Web farms, where data is stored, are only accessible to key employees. Extensive Background Checks are performed on all new employees