Aim for Qualification and Effectiveness

For Government agencies to run effectively, they depend on tax payer’s money. Therefore, for this money to be utilized effectively, it is important to have the best talent that will work hard to make sure that each resource will be put effectively to good use. Employing a wrong person into a Government Department can have some major repercussions, sometimes even affecting the reputation of the entire Government itself. There are times when state and local government may outsource their screenings to private companies like Corptrace Solutions.


The CorpTrace Solutions

  • Protect your company by avoiding negative publicity.
  • Reduce employee turnover by hiring the right people from the start.
  • Reduce liability and negligent hiring by ensuring a safe workplace.
  • Keep customers valuable information safe, private, and secure.
  • Increase productivity through hiring employees with better work habits.

FCRA Compliance

We are regularly compliant with the FCRA, local, state, and federal government.

Trusted Security

We use the same security protocols as large banks and major credit card companies. This includes PCI DSS 3.0, SSAE16 Type II Sox1, AICPA, 256 BIT SSL.

Superb Accuracy

CorpTrace has the best in class data with over 200 identifiers and state of the art algorithm, to collectively cross reference and provide the most accurate, extensive and timely data available in the industry.

Recommended Screening Services

  • DMV Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Sex Offenders Check
  • County Criminal Check
  • State Criminal Check
  • National Criminal Check
  • Federal Criminal Check
  • National Education Check
  • National Education Check
  • Skip Trace
  • Watch List Report
  • ACH Verification
  • E-Check Verification
  • Instant Bank Verification
  • Risk Verified Database
  • Collection & Recovery
  • Alternative Credit Report
  • International Criminal Check

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